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Retreat “Land of Magic”

Septemer 18-24, 2022
The Azores, Portugal

We are inviting you to surrender to the magic of this unique location on earth and deeply immerse yourself into practices of being open to life with a newfound sense of pleasure, receiving generosity of the Universe, feeling healthier and younger, experiencing a sense of abundance, and manifesting intentions.

Our program will gently guide you through the following daily classes

  • What is your true desire?

  • How to set an intention through a ritual?

  • How to charge your batteries?

  • Energy hunting, how to approach it?

  • Practice of abundance and new talents

  • What is the art of being seduced by the Universe?

This retreat will offer a comfortable, fun filled environment offering insights, learning, and delicious food.

The retreat is organized by the School of Transformation TERRApia and your guides are:

- Dina Ostrovsky who is an experienced practitioner of process therapy, transformational coach in the areas of career and success, therapist of family constellation, and a founder of the School if Transformational TERRApia.

- Natalia Chapala is a yoga instructor and a shaman.

Daily practice:

Our morning will start with a brief sweet meditation, light breakfast, and a Yoga practice with Natalia.

Yoga improves flexibility, self-confidence, and health overall. It teaches you to live in the moment, receive pleasure from your body and even improves libido. It reminds us that life is a dance.

It also reminds you that wherever we send our attention that is where it will flourish. This is why it is important to pay special attention to your body and its secret zones. By sending your caring attention to your body, you will help yourself in opening blockages and unfolding to living fully and according to your true nature, remembering that you are a unique and special creation that is not only appreciating but truly rejoicing for receiving a gift of being in a woman’s body! We will incorporate simple movements that will help you connect to your body, clear what is not serving it, open energetic channels, breathe freely, and connect with your heart, soul, body and mind. These practices will result in a sense of balance, peaceful disposition, and lightness which are amazing qualities for greeting each new day as you journey through your world as a Magical Woman manifesting your sacred intentions.


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