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Off-sites and Company Events

Give your employees a change of perspective and a way to decelerate into clarity.

Work in nature

Spend part of the time on business matters amidst a stunning natural environment.


Live fully and get some rest

Journey around the island. Go on beach adventures. Soak in hot springs. All within walking or short driving distance.


Laughing Orchard works with local massage therapists, meditation facilitators, and tour guides. All just a phone call away.

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Laughing Orchard is a unique place of connection and transformation, and the people that form our network are an integral part of what the place has to offer.

Learn and grow

Provide your co-workers with unique opportunities to grow and learn with one of the facilitators from our vast network.

We can connect you with experienced coaches and personal growth experts, conflict facilitators, business educators, sustainability educators, permaculture design teachers, technology futurists, psychedelic facilitators and many others. 

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