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volcanic islands of the Atlantic

The Azores’ island of Sao Miguel is a beautiful and powerful place. As a young volcanic island, it carries the most ancient energy of creation, since volcanoes created all the land on Earth. Part of modern Portugal, the island is modern, safe, and easy to travel to both from the US and from Europe.

The place
of connecting


Historically, the Azores have always been a place of connecting. Wealthy American businessmen would come to Sao Miguel to meet with their European partners. Both sides would bring their families, who would spend time enjoying the beautiful surroundings, the mild climate, the ocean and the hot springs. Even today, the relationship between the Azoreans and the foreigners is quite friendly and supportive, despite being strained in many places around the world.


This island is calling to us and we answer the call by calling out to you. Come if you are in need of energy, clarity, strength, and health-there is something for you here.

The spirits speak

This island and its spirits share the desire to connect with people from around the world. People connect through places, and places connect through people. In this beautiful complimentary movement, there is a dance of harmony and growth for both the people and the spirits that talk to them. There is also the desire to grow, expand and contribute.


Two hundred shades of green


The Azores are known for their stunning natural beauty, with vibrant shades of gray all around.

The island's volcanic soil is rich in minerals, providing the perfect conditions for plants to grow and thrive.


The gardens on the island are full of the most beautiful plants from all corners of the world collected and brought here by travelers of the past centuries.


All natural treasures

Within a few kilometers from each other there's the mighty Atlantic ocean, emerald forests of Japanese cedar and Araucaria, natural geysers, crater lakes, and many waterfalls. In spring, the air is filled with the sweet aroma of orange blossoms.

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