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Laughing Orchard

Retreat and Inspiration Center



Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal

Our Mission

We offer a place for grounding, connectedness, inspiration, clarity and power of manifestation.


These are the energies that come from local volcanoes which represent primordial energy of creation. After all, we inhabit the land created as a result of volcanic activities.

The Laughing Orchard is a place you come to ignite a spark of creative manifestation inside and receive a little boost on their journey. The Laughing Orchard is a place where you come to meet other like-minded people. 


When you visit, you may bring offerings to the spirits of the Island and ask fruit trees for abundance and the old volcano for grounding and manifestation. You will watch how these seeds unfold and grow in your life for months and years after your stay with us.


Alex Bulkin

Alex is a technology entrepreneur innovating in the area of data security and digital safety.

While initially he was looking at the Azores as merely a place to spend his time working remotely, it quickly turned out to be much more than that. As someone who has studied and experienced the spiritual traditions of several North American Native nations, he approached the place with deep respect and appreciation of its power.

And when the spirits responded with a clear message, he knew that he must answer their call. This is how the Laughing Orchard came about. It’s the result of one and a half years of attention, preparation and deep synchronicity that confirmed the reality and power of the original vision.

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Dina Ostrovsky, MA

Dina is the founder and primary teacher at TERRApia School of Transformation

She weaves together modern psychology, creative expression, and ancient spiritual practices into her transformational programs designed for those seeking to create profound and meaningful changes in their lives.

Since 2013 she has led countless personal and group psychedelic integration sessions in the New York and Boston areas. Prior to that, Dina served as a clinical director of a holistic rehabilitation clinic in Costa Rica. She has also assisted the renowned elder TaitaJuan Bautista Chindoy, a traditional healer associated with Colombia’s Yagé tradition, during multiple addiction-program retreats in Malinalco, Mexico as an integration therapist.

Dina holds an MA from the Process Work Institute and is a certified Process-oriented facilitator who has led Family Constellation seminars and private coaching sessions in the New York Metro area since 2009.

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