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Taita Juan

I have worked with South American shamanism since 2011. I have spent some time in Peruvian Amazon jungles, and later I met my Peruvian shaman teacher here in the States. I had my first ceremony in 2011. I started this work driven by curiosity. To my surprise my very first ceremony didn’t give me any outstanding visions or experiences. However, to my astonishment, a very specific health and energy problem which I have struggled with for a couple of years was gone three days after the ceremony. Two weeks after my first ceremony I had lost a lot of extra weight and felt much lighter. At this point I realized that I have found a new doctor. Since that time, I participate in a ceremony every half a year. This work is an important part of my personal care and my health support. After following this practice for two years I met a very strong and experienced shaman, the one I work with right now. Since then, the ceremonies started to be my source of knowledge. During the ceremonies I see visions and go through experiences which enrich my creativity and give me meaningful insights and ideas. As an example - during one ceremony I had a vision of the interaction of feminine and masculine energies which showed me the stages of how creative processes manifest. I use this experience to design seminars which combine awareness practices and creativity. Last October I was invited by my friend Danesh to help in a retreat with a renowned Columbian shaman Taita Juan. During the ceremonies with Taita Juan I have experienced a deep transformation of my physical health, energy and emotional stability. Through work with Taita Juan I experienced a connection with a strong lineage of ancient shamanic masters. I felt it as a mighty stream of love and compassion which moved through me during the ceremony. With this unstoppable love energy I traveled through the history of my life. I found the moments in my life where I didn’t get enough love and attention. From this powerful state I was able to fill in many dark holes of my inner realms. I know that this practice has changed me. After the healing with Taita Juan I have become more deeply rooted in my power and inner light. It really matters a lot who guides the ceremony. Tat Juan is a unique doctor, trained by his grandparents since he was a small boy. Today he is a renowned traditional doctor, lineage homer of Camesta tradition and kind hearted, attentive elder. There is new retreat with Taita Juan announced in May. I am looking forward to experience both healing and teaching from this ancient practice. You are welcome to join! The retreat is going to be in beautiful retreat center, two hours from Mexico city. We will also travel around and enjoy the ancient town of Malinalco and visit sacred pyramid sites.

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