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Marriage of Figaro and a conflict resolution

Marriage of Figaro and a conflict resolution I don’t read many fiction books lately and I don’t enjoy theater that much. If I read for pleasure, I read fantasy books about elves and dragons. Dragons don’t have much of a human psychology. They are not traumatized by harsh childhood, cold parents and unfaithful partners. It doesn’t mean I am not interested in a drama. At the present moment the drama is a big part of my life . My clients bring me their stories of sadness, love, despair and victory. We talk about those stories, but not only. We play them out, we move, we dance, we sound. We shape shift into the different characters and learn from that experience. During a seminar the whole group can play a story of love and betrayal, which may have happened two generation ago. After those experiences the theater seems dull. The Opera is another story. The opera for me is a tantric experience, the example of transformation of strong emotions into beautiful art. When the hero in the opera is angry, he sings “ I am in rage” with his deep bass and my heart is trembling. The actors in opera become the heavenly breed between humans and birds. They do get involved in a drama, but for one noble reason – to produce a magical singing. At some point of performance I got carried away. I dreamed that this could be a way of a conflict resolution on the Planet Earth. I imagined that Russia and Ukraine could sing at each other all their rage and hate. Then more they hate each other for betrayal, unfairness and wrong doing, the louder they could sing. No killing! We could made a huge opera house somewhere in Donetsk. After a couple of minutes I woke up from my day dream and watched Figaro singing his jealousy aria. Magical! I enjoyed the opera! Thank youKatya for the tickets! Will be back!

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