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I am in a retreat center near a town called Malinalco

I am in a retreat center near a town called Malinalco. This town is known in Mexico as one of the center of magic. The town was founded by the priestess Malinaxotchi, who was abandoned by her brother. He got angry at her for using black magic in a war instead of open battle. The Aztecs built a very important temple here. This is a monolith temple made from a whole rock. There are only five of those in a world. The temple was used to initiate Aztec warriors into a high rank. There were two clans of them, a jaguar or an eagle. The jaguars became a war generals and eagle were appointed as civil rulers or judges.

This culture is so far from us. They had so much knowledge and as much disrespect to human life. Their gods asked for endless human blood offering. How is was to live there? Did they know a secret on how to go through death without pain and fear? Malinalco is fantastic and puts me into daydream travel

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