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TERRApia school of transformation testimonials.

Okay, here comes one more school, one more approach, one more way of exploring and searching of who am I and am I here, looking at human insanity, sanity, getting into altered states, wandering how much it really has to do with altered states and may be its me and/or my mind playing with me, tricking me, my ego, my skillful mind drawing from everything I have learned from other teachings and techniques and expertly applying to this one now. Where does the truth lies, why do I have to have faith in this method? What is here that will be able to heal my body, resolve my emotional issues, clear my memory and make me free of old patterns, programs, believes to name a few, it’s games of words, labels, ways of phrasing something that existed a long time ago, the theater of “I am”.

To me, this work gives one or more tool(s) to be able to play with and transform the different energies, mix what seems to be unmixable, touch the untouchable, smell the odors and feel the essence of what I would not dear to put my nose or hands near. Is this It? I don’t quite know, too soon to tell, we just began, and I once again grab from the Void a Monster, a Goddess, a Little girl, a grandma, a Black Madonna, an old man, some sea creatures…. Like a postman, these images drop mail in my box with messages I have to read and sort. Is nothing a junk mail? I am learning to draw the power and get the message from the most unpleasant and undesirable. I need to pay attention to my body movements, to the intonation in the voice, to accept that I am a painter, musician, dancer and a killer all in One? I have to negotiate with my frontier guard, avoid and trick him to be able to pass thru and end in a dreamworld to meet my opponents, my teachers, my imagination, my other Reality. It’s a cool game but is there more? The school just begun, I am looking forward to the MORE...

PS It is a powerful experience to be in the group and really understand with every cell in your body that I am not the only one who needs clearance and who is going thru pain and wants to be pain free and bring in healing and joy to life. Definitely awakens your compassion.

Svetlana F, Brooklyn

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