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My two months marathon is almost finished

My two months marathon is almost finished! From October 14 till todlay I has been moving nonstop through exciting places and through new events and activities. In Salt Lake city I participated in a Parlament of all religions, huge ten thousands people conference. I was honored to present in Tantra panel and to share my experience of working with strong passions using the methods of Tibetan Buddhism, shamanism and Process Work. Then I flew to Mexica to join a team, which works with addictions, using both western psychology and an ancient shamanic medicine. I had a honor to work with Taita Juan, the shaman of a great healing power. Then I had two weeks of my master studies in Portland. Then I went to San Diego for a Family Constellation conference. Then I flew back to NJ for a week, where I started my long time vision - the TERRApia school of transformation. Then I led a tour to Death Valley/ Sedona, the best tour I had lately. And, finally, the last point of this journey, The third Path of Magician retreat is completed today. I look back on this two months of nonstop adventures, magical sucsess and new beginnings with amusement. It will take a while to digest it and to reflect on all the insights, transformations and the new doors, which has opened. At this point I both totally satisfied and totally confused, I need to stop moving and just look inside for a while. Looking forward to get home and not to travel for the next three months

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