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Emotional intelligence, relationship,and group facilitation training for teens.

SUMMARY: This Mentorship Program offers 10 sessions, 4 hours each. These experiential sessions will immerse participants in real life situations and help them to develop a personalized toolkit of high level communication and negotiation skills, conflict facilitation skills, strategic thinking, confidence, creativity and authentic powers, grit, resilience, empathy, fortitude and self-regulation.

Classes topics:

1.Basic ideas of Process Oriented psychology.Group work: leadership, team building, safety. How to introduce yourself in groups. Personal strength mandala.

2.Peaceful warrior toolbox. How to deal with obstacles. Creating an art object for integrating new tools, skills and insights

3.Relationship Dances and Wars. Process Work method to research and facilitate relationships.

4.Working with inner critic and outer criticism.

5. "How I am the other" .Relationship conflicts.

6.Meditation and transpersonal states. Addictions.

7. Group facilitation and public speaking-

8. Spontaneous team group play “The Twelve Labors of Hercules,” reflecting on the plot and life lessons.

9.Open forum, reflection on the course, any makeups, final art piece.

If you are interested, please call or email to arrange a free 40 min interview.

Email:, Phone: 973-896-9320

METHODS: Process-Oriented Therapy, Conflict Facilitation, Art Therapy, Acting Improvisation, Non-Violent Communication.

Process-Oriented Psychology or Process Work, as developed by Dr. Arnold Mindell, is an awareness practice centered around the belief that the solution to a problem is contained within the disturbance itself. It is an innovative approach to individual and collective change that combines psychology, spirituality, and creative expression into a single paradigm. It provides practical tools and interventions to reveal deeper meaning and patterns in challenging experiences.

TEACHER: DINA OSTROVSKY weaves modern psychology, creative expression, and ancient spiritual practices into her transformational programs. Since 2009, she has led Family Constellation seminars and private coaching sessions in the New York Metro area. From 2012- 2013 she worked as a therapist for Holistic Light, a holistic rehabilitation center in Costa Rica, where she used Family Constellation practices to work with drug and alcohol addiction. Currently, Dina works as a transformational coach and Family Constellation facilitator and is pursuing her M.A. in Process Oriented Psychology. Dina has been studying Tibetan Buddhism and Qigong for many years with Master Choegyal Namkhai Norbu and other advanced teachers. She is also a founder and director of Ursa Major Travel Club, a company that offers spiritual travel adventures around the world. The art and science of transformation is Dina’s career and passion. She is honored to assist others on this path with her knowledge, vision and experience. More info at

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