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Olga S., New Jersey

"I met Dina during quite a difficult period of my life - I just got a serious diagnosis and my relationship was a complete dead end. Form the very first session I realized how lucky I was to find such a great therapist. Dina uses kind of a holistic approach and views a situation as a part of a system. We’ve mostly concentrated our efforts on me, but somehow I started to understand my partner better; I also found a new perspective on my disease, which became a huge lesson for me.

I think that a clear sign that I’m moving into the right direction is that after sessions with Dina I feel more loving and compassionate, but at the same time more determined to take appropriate actions, though without anger. Dina’s words often become tremendously insightful for me. If I was getting lost in my feelings, I always felt her friendly support, common sense and empathy right there.

We’ve been doing a variety of techniques from analysis of situations based on logic and reason to tons of work with my dreams where only imagination matters. I’ve learned a great deal and I’m very grateful to Dina. Now I feel much more centered and peaceful."

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