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Marsha L., Queens, NY

"I had the fortune of meeting Dina Ostrovsky in early 2011, during one of the biggest emotional, spiritual, and physical transitions of my life to date. I had frequented many different types of healers in the past, including participation in powerful healing circles and indigenous plant medicine ceremonies in many corners of the world. Through Dina’s sensitivity, commitment, and genuine interest in my healing, I have been able to evolve into the person that I am meant to be. Dina has helped me close the chapter on a lifelong addiction to food and overeating via Family Constellation therapy, in addition to healing some very dark corners of my family history as a survivor of incest. I have watched my dreams emerge from the ashes and wreckage of the past, and through divine Grace have laid the foundations for attaining my life’s vision via her guidance in Process & Vision therapy. During my work with Dina, I am always left with an immediate sense that major Good was done, and feel myself striding forward in life, never backwards.I can only wholeheartedly recommend Dina Ostrovsky and any of the healing methodologies that she specializes in."

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