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Karina P., New York

“Things happen in life that we cannot explain. Whatever we do, it seems that we are just tapping on the surface instead of diving deep to resolve the issue.

I was in that kind of state when I attended Dina's family constellation seminar. I had a property for sale and for some mysterious reason it just wouldn't sell. Three times the deal was almost closed but then it would slip out of my hands in the last moment. I've tried everything I could. I spent a lot of extra cash that I could not afford and became completely stressed out and anxious.

When Dina told me about her approach, I was initially skeptical but was willing to try. I was shocked how soon and easy my problem was resolved. Within two weeks after the session I found the buyer and the property was sold. This method really works! I cannot be grateful enough for Dina's help. Her professionalism and care allowed the process to be easy and very effective. Dina gave me a gift of exploration inside the situation and a way to see different perspective without being intrusive. Her guidance through the process makes the experience a pleasant, safe and unique way to deal with unknown forces in our lives. I highly recommend her services not only for family constellation but for any situation that needs a deeper insight.”

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