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Dora F, New Jersey

"Dina and I worked on my job search, which has been a challenge in my life for a while. I was amazed to see that the constellation shifted my perception about this issue. We often cannot see the essence of the issue because we are so attached to the ideas or common scenarios that run in our heads. The constellation helps to bring clarity to a complex situation, where the players and the roles are often entangled and twisted and go back in time. In that sense, constellation reflects what is happening in the moment, and it is up to the client to figure out what to do. What are the possible sources of income in my life?

During the constellation and process work sessions, Dina gently helped me to explore and provided a necessary amount of guidance. She was not overbearing, but was always present. Her guidance helped me to preserve a sense of curiosity about the work and my life situation."

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