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Uniting with Fire

When I talk to my friends about such an extreme practice as walking through hot coals, they ask me- why do you need it and what are the benefits? Here I’ve decided to share my ideas and experience...

During our childhood, adults form our world with their views about rules of life and its restrictions. Those stories create our limitations, our fears, our matrix. Some of these limitations we find really useful, like the advice not to touch hot coals. Some of these limitations later become old burdens, which stop us from realizing our talents and living our life to its full potential. Many of us have worked on those stories on a mental level, but it is not enough. What you learn in your early childhood from your family system becomes deeply rooted in your emotional patterns and in your physical body. The action of consciously breaking such a basic instinct as staying away from fire, teaches your body that all other limitations can be surpassed. The old stories, which do not serve you anymore, can be burned in the fire.

I walked through fire on the last December equinox. For almost half a year prior to this event, I was suffering from a severe gum problem. Before the illness started, I had a powerful dream, which explained the karmic nature of this health problem. I’ve worked on this dream and the lessons of it intensively, but despite that, the sickness continued. No matter what medicine I applied - western or alternative, it was rooted deeply in my energy body. When I made up my mind to go through a firewalking practice, I built up strong intensions to get healthy.

The moment before I took a step into the bed of burning coals, I felt totally scared of this move, and was looking for a way out. But the choice was made, and team pressure made me step into the impossible. I chanted a Buddhist mantra, asking the goddess Tara to help me with my fears, and stepped into the dark circle encrusted with red sparkling coals. The moment I crossed this line, I went into a deep trance. Breaking the basic rules took me into this altered state. I was floating in the fire and didn’t feel any heat. Only when I stepped out of it into the welcoming arms of our leader Oleg, I felt the heat on my feet and felt scared again. I examined my feet, they were untouched and normal, just some black marks from charcoal! I went through this experience twice. The next morning I woke up in a state of bliss, feeling warmth and happiness throughout my body. I felt my body filled with inner fire and passion for life. After this day, my gums started to heal.

There is another important aspect of this practice, it purifies and enhances your fire element. After my firewalk, I felt really empowered and creative. The element of fire is responsible for creativity, passion, joy and expansion. When we unite with the fire, we can bring all those qualities to our life.

I feel happy that now we can offer this practice to our community through this seminar:


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