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Befriending Your Inner Critic seminar in Brooklyn

October 26, 11 am- 4 pm Location : 4497 Bedford ave between X & Y, Brooklyn Notice an inner critic that judges you in a harsh way? Do you suffer from self doubt and lack of confidence? Suffering from being judgmental and critical of others? Feel your creativity and energy blocked by inner criticism? An inner critic can be a helpful part of our internal landscape. But in many cases the critic is too tough and instead of giving us guidance and advice, just puts us down and blocks our creativity and ability to move forward. Instead of inspiring us to do better, we want nothing to do with it. This workshop will create a dynamic and playful exploration of an inner critic using mask making and Process Work. By approaching the critic with play and creativity, you will find its voice and style, and learn how to engage with the critic on productive and collaborative terms. This can begin a transformational process of befriending the critic and creating an ally for your life. About Dina Ostrovsky : Method Process-oriented Psychology or Process Work as developed by Dr. Arnold Mindell ( is an awareness practice centered in the belief that the solution to a problem is contained within the disturbance itself. It is an innovative approach to individual and collective change that brings psychology, spirituality, and creative expression together in a single paradigm. It provides practical tools and interventions to reveal deeper meaning and patterns in challenging experiences. Price: $55 if prepaid, paypal: At the door - $75 Contact Dina for more information Email:, ph 973 896 9320

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