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April 2014 astrology

April is going to be an interesting month from the astrology point of view. Two eclipses- Lunar and Solar on Apr 15 and April 29, plus one of the most tense planets combination in a latest history. Grand cross Uranus- Mars and Pluto - Jupiter can bring crisis, rapid changes, violence and cataclysms in the countries, nature and personal life’s. This will affect all of us, but especially people, who have personal planets in Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.Astrologers consider that eclipse days are very powerful- the events which happens usually are not reversible and may affect a period from 6 month to 2 years. The time of eclipses are best to clear the past and set up a new intention. There are not a good idea to make a serious decisions on that day or to be involved in a disturbing activities.This grand cross on an eclipse month looks dangerous. On another side, if you are going through the personal transformation, this is a good time to jump on a new level, there will be plenty of energy in an atmosphere for that.If you need a strong, experienced and kind helping hand to assist in this work, feel free to ask us for an astrology consultation, spiritual counseling, therapy or relationship facilitation session.Safe travel in those waters of change!Dina Ostrovsky

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