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The Trickster- April 1st story

Happy international trickster day my dear coyotes and foxes friends!

I am so much in love with my own trickster and with all the trickster, which dance around me.

The trickster is the one who always plays and breaks all possible rules.

He laughs when it is sad and sad at the circus.

He never goes to school and sings all songs out of motive.

He is always hungry and steals his food.

He steals out of curiosity and then loses stuff and goes to play with something else.

He makes sex in unappropriated places with unappropriated people.

He jumps outside the box as soon as he sees the crack.

He is the child , the fool, the protector and the greatest sabotager.

I am so much of the coyote and I recognize this trickster in others right away and happily go into play.

The coyote, the trickster the fox brings this sparkles in the water of life and makes it drinkable.

Here is a native American coyote story for you:

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