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Relationship Theater Workshop

War, Bliss and Raw Chocolate Crafting

There aren’t too many things as important in our lives as relationships with others. We rely on our relationships to help us get what we wish and deserve – love, opportunities, money, peace. So why is it that we don’t always get them? Why do we keep stumbling upon the same old stories, when we are seeking new ones?

In this retreat you will practice fun and engaging techniques to increase awareness and turn conflicts into bliss and transform energy losses into vitality gains.

Come for a weekend workshop and have a rejuvenating and life-transforming experience that is incredibly exciting and unabashedly exotic. The seminar is designed for singles, couples, triples, groups and anyone else who is fascinated, inspired, challenged and confused by the phenomenon of relationships. As we play together on the beautiful retreat grounds, we’ll discuss and learn methods which can help you to understand and deepen your connections with others, yourself and with the world. Let’s gather together to express ourselves creatively and learn how to make our relationships more real, playful, sexy, and profound.

As we gather together to enjoy playacting, dancing, ceremonies, yoga, organic food and raw chocolate, sharing and spring, we will learn methods for improving our relationships in real life. Some of the many questions that we will explore will be:

  • What is the main direction, motive and goal of relationships?

  • How to recognize the “spirit” of the relationship, nurture it, and help it unfold?

  • What is your higher expectations for relationships and what are the difficult dips and lows?

  • How can the two be balanced to find greater joy and vitality in our connections?

What to expect:

  • Learn to be more flexible in relating with others while having fun and learning the playful practices of Relationship Theatre.

  • Become aware and transform old patterns with innovative approaches of Process Work.

  • Start mornings with empowering Royal Yoga to activate Kundalini energy, become one with your core power and experience subtle perception.

  • Learn sacred Mayan art of crafting the “Food of the Gods” – a Soul awakening, raw chocolate infused with vital nutrients and aphrodisiacs.

  • Shake off stress, rejuvenate with healthy and cleansing diet of organic foods and adaptogens.

  • Enjoy, bliss out and just have fun as we celebrate creativity and renewal through Contact Improv Jam, Mandala Drawing and Sound Healing.

Retreat Organizers:

Dina Ostrovsky is an adventure travel organizer, therapist and a healer.

She will bring to the team her spontaneity, fearless search for the essenceand knowledge of process work and other therapy methods.

Danesh Oleshko is a Kundalini Yoga teacher, who specializes in sacred empowerment and male initiation. He founded “Vital System” of healing, became a Wilderness guide and Raw chocolatier in San Francisco. On ablissful note, Danesh will bring ecstatic arts of joyful awakening –dance and Mayan Raw chocolate infused with adaptogenic herbs and superfoods.

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