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Saddle the Blue Horse

Seminar “Saddle the Blue Horse”

The year of the blue horse will start on January 31, 2014. It is time to work on goals, intentions, desires and visions for the year ahead.

The Eastern horoscope says that a horse is energetic, strong, often impatient. It likes hardworking people and respects a sense of freedom. The blue wooden horse is ready to help and support everyone, as long as it feels that person deserves it. This means that we need to ask her the right way – confidently, respectfully, with interesting visuals and a fun attitude.

This seminar is divided into three parts:

1st part

Writing down a plan:

What would I like to create for myself in the next year? What am I going to work on?

Areas: health, career, money, love, family, personal growth, material possessions, vacation, hobbies

2nd part

Working with intentions and energy:

After discussing topics on the intellectual level we will go deeper and explore our emotions and feelings connected to the stated intentions.

  • Checking out inner limitations

  • Shamanic journey to find new energy resources

3rd part

Creating a vision board:

The vision board is an easy technique, widely known and effective. We just cut out pictures from a magazine, glue them on a board and put it on a wall. My last year’s vision board manifested in my life completely. Good things manifested together with the mistakes I made. As you’ve heard – you should be careful what you wish for! This is the reason why we need the first two parts of the seminar – to understand exactly how to make the right request to the Blue horse.

Please bring colorful magazines and scissors.

Cost $90

this is a 6 hour seminar

Seminar leader: Dina Ostrovsky

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